There’s a great deal of expensive weed grinders on the market today. Grinders with blades and also bearings as well as a breast implant. Just joking concerning the boob jobs, yet the other two features are equally as newfangled (and also not nearly as fun to have fun with).
Beyond the awesome name and online reputation, the Santa Cruz Shredder packs numerous features and also high-ends that establish it high over various other herb grinders.

7 Reasons Santa Cruz Shredder is the very best Weed Grinder
Best Work Uniformity– EVER.
Out of every mill I have actually ever before utilized, testing with a variety of nugs ranging from wet and sticky to shake hard and dense, the Santa Cruz Shredder produces perfectly cosy ground weed.
The herb isn’t mutilated as well as trichomes remain intact! Penalty sufficient for every dry natural herb vape and the suitable consistency for smoking too.

Ideal Kief Display
If collecting kief is your calls, the Cruz is the champ. The display made use of in the 4-piece Santa Cruz Shredder is the perfect screen. The holes are big enough to not get clogged, but not so large that the kief collection agency fills with natural fallen leave issue as opposed to kief.
In side-by-side evaluates with various other grinders, the Santa Cruz Shredder created more kief as well as blocked less– while still supplying the best ground weed.

EASY TO GRIND– The teeth of the Santa Cruz are SHARP AS FUCK as well as they’re serrated. The SCS doesn’t make use of the shitty diamond-shaped teeth that cheap weed grinders utilize; rather, the SCS used box-shaped teeth with concave surface areas as well as serrated edges. This tooth shape stays sharp for several years and years and also years while offering the work that wonderful fluffiness that nothing else MILL CONTAINER SUIT.

Ok, that requires an asterisk. There is some very small upkeep involved with the Santa Cruz Shredder, however it’s incredibly minor compared to other weed grinders. I’ve never required to saturate my Santa Cruz Shredder– instead, I angle the lid in a half-inserted way that scuffs the grinder hash from the lid and also lets it fall under the grinder.
Optionally, you can use your finger nail or an alcohol clean.

Harder Light weight aluminum
Almost all weed grinders are constructed of aluminum. Santa Cruz is no exception; nonetheless, they use a tougher alloy than the others. Their light weight aluminum is harder as well as a lot more resilient than the low-cost grinders discovered on Amazon, etc.

Threading, Refined & Polished
The surface areas of the Santa Cruz Shredder are smooth as well as brightened with subtle textures and knurlings to supply hold as well as tactile feedback. The knurlings as well as structures are specific and also fine-tuned. Also the strings of the Santa Cruz Shredder are buttery smooth.

Size & Shade Options
I realize this is a stretch, but hear me out. Not all grinders are available in multiple dimensions. Not all grinders can be found in 2, 3, or 4-piece. Not all grinders have numerous shade options, surfaces, or limited-edition partnerships. Santa Cruz Shredders come in all sorts of sizes and shades– there’s also a HEMP version that is bio-degradable!

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